Launch of the PAI Virtual Issue on Asthma & Environment

Launch of the PAI Virtual Issue on Asthma & Environment

In an effort to further elucidate the environmental factors that are central to our understanding of asthma, the PAI – Pediatric Allergy and Immunology journal has started a review series to provide a comprehensive picture on the role of environment on various aspects of asthma.

Major subheadings include biodiversity, urban exposure, gene-environment interaction, farm effect, air pollution, climate change, allergens, diet microbiome and obesity. Along with excellent reviews from distinguished experts, the journal’s editorial team has also included various studies addressing these questions that were published recently in PAI.

This virtual issue takes an in-depth look at how these various factors are related to asthma and aims to assist researchers into developing further findings, which will hopefully be translated into better practices for the benefit of our patients. We hope you enjoy the reading!

Click here to access the virtual issue.

Philippe Eigenmann
PAI Editor-in-Chief

Ömer Kalayci
PAI Associate Editor
Issue Coordinator

S. Tolga Yavuz
Issue coordinator

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