Past Events

EAACI holds a series of expert events throughout the year, including Allergy and Winter schools, Master classes, Focused Meetings and the EAACI Annual Congress. These events feature numerous presentations and posters by our illustrious faculty which are available in this section after the event is over. Watch this content on-demand, discover a new finding you may have missed or review the presentations you particularly enjoyed at one of our events here!

  • This is the flagship meeting of the academy and the world’s largest congress specialising in the field of allergy and clinical immunology*. A wide range of sessions, including interactive formats, provide optimal learning for all tastes. Attracting in the region of 7000-8000 participants and experts from across the globe, the congress is a key annual event to interact with peers, leading scientists and practitioners over five days. (*based on 2017 delegate attendance)

  • These mid-size events address key areas in the field of allergy and provide knowledge-sharing and training using various session formats, attracting delegates and speakers from around the world. With an attendance between 250 -1500 participants depending on the topic area, these meetings also provide an excellent platform for networking with peers over a three-day period.

  • Covering both clinical and transitional topics of a specific field, EAACI Master Classes aim to dive deeper and therefore target professionals and specialists with a higher level of experience. Conducted in exclusive workshop formats of up to 60 international participants, they offer an excellent interactive platform for the exchange of knowledge over a two-day period.

  • These training courses focus on a specific topic within allergy and are built to offer a solid foundation in this area. They are therefore attractive to individuals who are new to the field, for fellows in training, EAACI Junior Members, as well as professionals with a specific interest in the chosen topic. Limited group sizes of around 120 international participants enable great dialogue throughout these typically three-day courses*. *The EAACI Winter School is an allergy school.