Our patients are at the heart of our scientific work. EAACI collaborates with numerous Patient Organisations worldwide and seeks to develop useful and evidence-based resources to bring our community of experts closer to the patients whose quality of life we seek to improve. If you are a patient, visit this section to find tailored recommendations on diagnosis, treatment and management in lay-language, in addition to useful interactive courses and a forum for open discussion between peers.

  • EAACI partners with over thirty Patient Organisations, who communicate directly with patients affected by allergic diseases and asthma worldwide. Find a list of these organisations by country in this section, along with details to directly contact them.

  • Our EAACI experts have developed a series of interactive resources that may assist and inform you and your loved ones living with allergic diseases and asthma.

  • Directly communicate with peers to share your experiences, learnings and your journey with allergic diseases and asthma.  Read the inspiring testimonials from our patients from all over the world.