Allergen Immunotherapy Module

Allergen Immunotherapy Module

The module aims to provide basic and advanced knowledge on the mechanisms of tolerance induced by AIT and the management of allergic patients by applying AIT to achieve the best clinical results.

The module focuses on personalized solutions, using plausible diagnostic tools, combining molecular IgE tests with mobile heath technology and e-diaries. The complexity of achieving effective AIT by the use of predictive biomarkers to stratify the patient groups in line with personalized approach as well as immuno-mechanisms of both sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy are described.

This educational tool consists of three lectures given by well-known experts in the field.

This module is supported by an unrestricted grant from Stallergenes Greer.

Challenges in allergy diagnosis and treatment in 2022 – Paolo M. Matricardi

How AIT offers a personalized patients management approach – Marek Jutel

Molecular diagnosis in respiratory allergies and its clinical relevance – Mohamed Shamji

AIT Module – Live Q&A session with speakers

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