2nd edition of JMA Task Force “Tell us about your project”

2nd edition of JMA Task Force “Tell us about your project”

Human Seminal Plasma Allergy and its Possible Impact on Women’s Reproductive Health – Aida Kuznecovaitė

Summary: Our research tries to uncover the often overlooked human seminal plasma allergy and its potential repercussions on women’s reproductive health. With less than 100 documented cases since 1958 and low awareness among medical professionals, some women suffer symptoms post-intercourse without proper diagnosis. Our research reveals alarming prevalence rates, with 44,38% of surveyed women reporting symptoms akin to this allergy. Employing diagnostic methods, including skin prick tests and molecular analysis, we aim to understand its prevalence and potential links to unexplained infertility. Through awareness-raising efforts, we aim to refine treatment approaches and provide support to affected women.

Exploring microfluidization and enzymatic techniques to mitigate soybean allergenicity – Andreea Kerezsi

Summary: Food allergies represent significant challenges to human health, and many processes, including heat, pressure, shear force, and biochemical modifications, have been studied to mitigate the allergens. Our research is focused on reducing soybean allergenicity using microfluidization, enzymatic, and their combinations, which could modify the protein configuration. Microfluidization was found to be promising in the food industry in the coming years. Combining two techniques could represent a novel strategy for reducing food allergens.

Integrating Breathomics with CPET: A Breath-Taking Approach to Exercise-Induced Asthma Monitoring – Gonçalo Silva

Summary: Explore the future of exercise induced asthma diagnosis in the short video we prepared! Discover how Breathomics, an innovative field harnessing the power of exhaled breath, could revolutionize monitoring. Say goodbye to time-consuming, impractical, and exhausting cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) and hello to simplicity – just sit, breathe, and get accurate results. Breathomics is at the forefront of research, exploring exhaled breath’s role in non-invasive diagnostics, including metabolic profiling. Embark on this journey with us as we explore the promising applications of this biomarker in healthcare’s future.