Diagnostic Tools in Ocular Allergy

Diagnostic Tools in Ocular Allergy

The diagnosis of ocular allergy can be challenging. Ocular investigations can provide additional informations that are not given by systemic tests. Imaging of the ocular surface and biomarkers are constantly improving and more accurate. Conjunctival provocation test is a safe and simple method for directly assessing ocular sensitisation to specific allergens.

Moderators: Serge Doan (France) Vibha Sharma (UK)

Speakers: Jean-Luc Fauquert (France), Virginia Calder (UK), Francoise Brignole-Baudouin (France), Murat Doğru (Japan)

Learning objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of the clinical symptoms and signs of ocular allergies
  • Discover the place of CPT in the diagnosis of ocular allergy
  • Explore CPT guided Immunotherapy in allergic conjunctivitis