Flash Talks on asthma and biologicals

Flash Talks on asthma and biologicals

EDN levels in infants and preschoolers and in subgroups with atopy and asthma: A population-based observational study

Real-world impact of mepolizumab on the oral corticosteroid freedom component of clinical remission in severe asthma: International, prospective REALITI-A study at 1 year

One-year longitudinal results of real-world prospective observational cohort corroborates efficacy and safety of dupilumab for severe Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps

Evaluation of Benralizumab effectiveness in asthmatic patients affected from EGPA

Generation of omalizumab variants with enhanced disruptive efficacy for active desensitization

Sinonasal and respiratory outcomes of EGPA patients receiving 100 mg Mepolizumab in real-life clinical practice: 1-year follow up study