Flash talks on genomics and proteomics

Flash talks on genomics and proteomics

The effect of maternal probiotic supplementation on biomarkers of systemic allergic inflammation in 2-year-old children

Genomic Risk Scores and Molecular Biomarkers for Oral Immunotherapy Treatment Response in Children with Peanut Allergy

GeoMx™ spatially resolved transcriptomics reveals inflammatory and metabolic responses in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps following anti – IL-5 treatment

Modifications in the lung DNA methylation landscape in a murine model of respiratory allergy induced by two Blomia tropicalis allergens

Interleukin-4-induced loss of smell in mice is associated with transcriptome and proteome changes suggestive of neuroinflammation and altered olfactory/calcium signaling

Genomics and metagenomics insights into the gut microbiota in cow’s milk-allergic infants

Different Gut Microbiota and Protein Expression in Distinct Allergic Phenotypes: Data from an Asian Birth Cohort

Personalised genotype-based prognosing of the atopic march phenotypes in children