Flash Talks on urticaria and angioedema

Flash Talks on urticaria and angioedema

Challenges in the Management of Mastocytosis – a worldwide Survey (MAMAS)

Long term control of urticaria disease activity with ligelizumab in patients with chronic spontaneous urticaria: data from the Phase 2b extension study

More patients achieve absence of angioedema with remibrutinib (LOU064) than placebo: Results from a dose-finding Phase 2b study

Comparative economic burden of chronic spontaneous urticaria, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis in five European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom)

Systems biology-based mechanistic models support the centrality of mast cell activation and the IgE-Fc?RI axis in chronic spontaneous urticaria

Moderate to severe chronic spontaneous urticaria has a similar quality of life impact to moderate to severe plaque psoriasis: results from the data42 platform to repurpose clinical trial data