Antonieta Coria

Antonieta Coria


No one knows your children like you do. Be patient. Never stop the treatment.

My name is Antonieta and my husband is Francisco. We have a daughter, María Amparo who is 11 years old. When she was just a baby, she started to get sick pretty often. Since she was little, she had problems with breathing and skin outbreaks. Amparo rejected the milk and I was recommended to start a dairy free diet. We didn’t know what was going on. We had no information at all, we visited physicians all the time. We started a new life without milk. Suddenly everything became really challenging, going to birthday parties, going out to dinner or even going on holidays became an odyssey.

We heard a lot of things: that we were exaggerating, that she would get better eventually… and many others that lead to more confusion.

Our family supported us as we tried to live our life as best as we could. But thanks to a congress of patients we were able to reach out to S.O.S Alergia. We learned that there were a lot people living with our same problems and that there was a professional team available to help us all the way. That’s how Amparo, only 3 years old then, was tested for allergies.  Finally, we got a diagnosis: our daughter was allergic to cow’s milk proteins and soy. Thanks to a total exclusion of soy, Amparo was able to overcome her allergy, when she was only 4 years old.

But we still had to fight against milk. We learned to cook, and I decided to stop working and watch out my daughter. School was a challenge, every party, holidays, everything that implied going out of our home was difficult and frustrating.

Amparo learned a lot; she knows how to take care of herself. In 2014, with 6 years old, thanks to a desensitisation to milk treatment, she overcame her allergy.

There were a lot of times where I cried or felt sad for my daughter because she was not able to eat the same things other kids were able to. But now, everything is easier.

Believe in yourself. If you notice that there is something wrong with your child, keep going to hospitals, keep looking for answers until you get to a diagnose. No one knows your children like you do. Be patient. Never stop the treatment.

We will be forever grateful with our family and S.O.S Alergia that supported us in the toughest times.

– Antonieta Coria, mother of a food allergic child and member of S.O.S Alergia

*Testimonial from S.O.S Alergia