EpiPen Use


What it took for this teen to carry her EpiPen everywhere

I have had diagnosed allergies since I was six weeks old. I’ve been at risk of anaphylaxis for my whole life and have always had to be careful with what foods I eat since all my food allergies are quite severe. I used to be embarrassed about always having to carry a bag around to have my EpiPen® close by, especially when I got to high school because no one else would carry their bag around. I didn’t want to be different to everyone else so I just didn’t take it anywhere. I used to fight with my parents often about carrying it around.

I had my first experience with my EpiPen® when I was 14. I was at school and ate a peanut butter brownie by accident, I went into anaphylaxis quickly and my reaction was so severe I needed two EpiPen®s and a double shot of adrenaline from the paramedics before being taken to hospital. It was my first super serious reaction since I was little and I was terrified because after the second EpiPen® the reaction still wasn’t slowing down. It really sunk in that this is life-threatening and I was lucky that I also had a kit in my school office. Ever since I’ve really understood how dangerous it is to not be prepared and have been carrying two EpiPen®s with me everywhere. My friends are always conscious of making sure I have my kit with me or they’ll put my medications in their own bags so it’s still with me. My lesson to others is not to wait for a bad reaction like mine before you start carrying your medication everywhere. I want people to use what happened to me to help them understand.

*Testimonial from Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia www.allergyfacts.org.au