Alergia Alimentar Brasil (Food Allergy Brazil)

Food Allergy Brazil is an initiative led by women who live with the theme of food allergy in their families and aims to raise awareness on the subject and advance in the achievement of public policies that increase the safety and inclusion of people living with food allergy.

We primarily believe in access to information, awareness and inclusion.

Useful Resources

    The plugin Alerta Alergia (in English, Allergy Alert) is a tool developed by Alergia Alimentar Brasil (Food Allergy Brazil) that serves the society. It was designed in a way that all ingredients in a recipe are analyzed and no possible allergen goes unnoticed. Once the plugin is installed, the main groups of food allergens (top 8) will be identified with different colors. Once you hover the mouse over the colored word, the user gets suggestions for food substitutes, other tips and relevant information about food allergy.Download it here
  • PERSONAL HYGIENE AND COSMETICS LABELINGThe Brazilian regulatory agency (ANVISA), responsible for promoting protection and health of the population through sanitary control of the production and commercialization of products and services subjected to sanitary control, is revising legislation of labels of personal hygiene and cosmetics. However, the bill presented by ANVISA did not include a revision on food allergens labeling, to specifically warn the presence of the main allergens (top 8). We consider this food labeling revision to be more beneficial to the population with food allergy. This revision would also bring consistency among labeling for this kind of product and processed food. We organized an action that resulted in the population pushing for the inclusion of food allergens in the labeling. From 356 contributions, more than half came from consumers, and almost 20% from allergy specialist health professionals. The latter reinforced the need for clearer labels on the presence of food allergens.We expect Anvisa to analyze the consumer’s demands and present a final legislation proposal for discussion at the Mercosur, a South American trade bloc that Brazil is associated.