Fundacion Creciendo con Alergias (Growing Up with Food Allergies Foundation)

Founded in March 2008 by parents of children with allergies, Creciendo con Alergias [Growing up with Allergies] achieved its status as a legal entity in 2010, and thus became a pioneering organization, the only one in its league to be legally established in the region. Its vast expertise has positioned Creciendo con Alergias as the benchmark organization in Chile and Latin America as regards pushing forward advancements for allergic individuals in the country and abroad. Its aims are: to foster social change that may enhance the quality of life for patients of food allergies; to guide patients, for them to follow a well-informed treatment, and be the means to inform the community about food allergies; and to advocate for the rights of allergy patients in Chile and for their fair access to treatment for this condition.