Food allergy alliance Israel YAHEL

YAHEL is committed to the notion that every food allergic individual is entitled to lead a full life, without the fear of simple pleasures most take for granted: a safe day in school, the freedom to buy packaged food, eat in restaurants, and go on vacation.

Our goals include:

  • Working with Israeli government ministries including the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Ministry of Health (to ensure universal, adequate emergency care and anaphylaxis treatment, and to standardize safe and comprehensive food labeling), and the National Insurance Institute (to lobby for equitable access to resources). We believe that by educating the proper authorities, there is no reason for parents to avoid placing their children in daycare, kindergarten, or school for fear that lack of awareness could lead to tragedy.
  • Educating large and small food manufacturers on the importance of accurate labeling of the ingredients that cause the majority of allergic reactions.
  • Raising public awareness: individuals with food allergies need the cooperation of their communities to stay safe.
  • Setting up local support groups where parents of food allergic children can network and share resources and information.