Worldwide Pollen Map

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This interactive map is a result of EAACI Task Force TF-40108 ‘Inventory of pollen monitoring sites in the world’

Project managers: Celia Antunes, Jeroen Buters
Database building: Ana Galveias, Celia Antunes, Jose Oteros, Jeroen Buters
Interactive map development and administrator: Jose Oteros
Members of the Task Force 40108 (Aerobiology and Air Pollution): C. Antunes, M. Thibaudon, A. Galveias, J. Oteros, C. Galan, M. Werchan, K.C. Bergmann, and J. Buters

The aim of this map is to develop and maintain an inventory about pollen monitoring in the world.
This increases the current knowledge on pollen sampling worldwide.
This facilitates direct contact between the data owners, the stakeholders and collaborators that need them.