Aeroallergen immunotherapy before five years of age and elderly

Aeroallergen immunotherapy before five years of age and elderly

There is no specifc upper or lower age limit for initiating immunotherapy if the indications are present; however, the risks and benefts should be assessed carefully in each situation. Age-related ability to communicate must be taken into consideration when weighing risks and benefts of allergen specific immunotherapy (AIT) initiation in childrenAlthough the preventative effect of AIT on development of new aeroallergen sensitizations and the progressive march to asthma provides a beneft to beginning AIT earlier than age of 5 years, each case to begin AIT should be evaluated carefully by assessing the severity of disease and benefts/risks ratios. Similarly sometimes in elderly people with respiratory allergies, the ‘course’ of the disease is considered too advanced and therefore the room and therapeutic value of AIT is considered very limited.

In this expert opinion paper we first aimed to apply a questionnaire to clarify the current approach of clinicians to AIT for these ages (5 years and 60 years) and the motivations that drive them to behave like this. In the second part of the study we will try to document the efficacy and safety of AIT for both 5 years of age and for elderly in an evidence based approach.

IG Allergen Immunotherapy

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Secretary: Umit M Sahiner