Interdisciplinary TF group “Definition of clinical-relevant thresholds of allergen-exposure for analysis of outcomes in AIT”_ Phase III

Interdisciplinary TF group “Definition of clinical-relevant thresholds of allergen-exposure for analysis of outcomes in AIT”_ Phase III

PHASE 5Critical steps in 2021 Following the first publication of our definitions of Pollen Seasons in the EAACI-Position Paper in 2017 in Allergy (Pfaar et al. 2017 (Phase 1 of the Task-Force action plan)) and the subsequent original analyses of their validity and clinical relevance for future trials (Karatzas et al. 2018 (Phase 2)) in 2018 we reported a good correlation between  symptoms and pollen season definitions in a multicenter, paneuropean approach (Pfaar et al. 2020, Phase 3). Herefafter we published retrospective data on the development of birch pollen seasons over 30 years in Munich, Germany, indicating the practicability and usefulness of our definitions for climate-change models (Bergmann et al. 2020, Phase 4)In coming Phase 5, we plan to provide an analysis of the correlation data on pollen-flight (using the “EAACI definitions” as provided by the German Pollen Information Service Foundation (PID) for the Bavarian area) and patients’ symptom load in the respective region. The latter will include nasal, conjunctival and bronchial symptoms. Based on this analysis a subsequent EAACI-Position Paper of our TF will focus on air pollution and climate change such as e.g. severity of symptoms in pollen-allergic patients in (seasonal) days with a high temperature or a high level of fine dust particles exposure. In addition to our current Task Force panel, this group will comprise relevant stakeholders in the field of climate change and pollution aimed to increase the impact of our EAACI Position on the highest political and societal level (public health).

Phase I: An interdisciplinary Task Force of the Immunotherapy Interest Group and the Aerobiology and Pollution Interest Group of the EAACI (2015-2016) has recently published standardized definitions for pollen seasons (birch ( Betula sp..), grasses (Poaceae), Cypress (Cupressus spp.), Olive (Olea spp.), Ragweed (Ambrosia spp.)) in an EAACI Position Paper (#1).

Phase II: In a next step, an international cooperation of allergologists, aerobiologists and environmental informatics experts demonstrated the robustness and sensitivity of the aforementioned season defintions in a retrospective analysis of pollen count data from up to 40 pollen monitoring stations in Germany over five consecutive years (2012-2016) (#2).

Ref:#1: Pfaar O, Bastl U, Berger U et al.: Definiing pollen exposure times for clinical trials of allergen immunotherapy for pollen-induced rhinoconjunctivitis – an EAACI position paper. Allergy 2017; 72: 713-722
#2: Karatzas K, Riga M, Berger U , Werchan M, Pfaar O, Bergmann KC: Computational validation of the recently proposed pollen season definition criteria. Allerry 2017: doi 10.1111/all. 13255

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Chair: Oliver Pfaar
Secretary: Christian Bergmann