Occupational Mite Allergy and Asthma (OMAA)

Occupational Mite Allergy and Asthma (OMAA)

House dust mites are the most important cause of allergy in indoor environments. In addition to homes, mites are present in specific workplaces like farming and food production environments worldwide. In these environments species other than house dust mites are frequently encountered. Recent studies have shown that up to one third of workers are sensitized to mites and a number have work-related asthma and rhinitis. The global trend to replace chemical pesticides with biological pest control is likely to increase this occupational health risk in the future.

The taskforce will form an expert panel to review and summarize current knowledge on the risks associated with mites in occupational environments and propose methods for the identification, management and prevention of mite allergic asthma and rhinitis in these workplaces.

IG Environmental & Occupational Allergy

Chair: Hille Suojalehto 

Secretary: Mohamed Jeebhay