The new nomenclature for allergic diseases and asthma

The new nomenclature for allergic diseases and asthma

The exponential growth of technology, including molecular diagnostics and electronic data collection, has resulted in vast amounts of data enabling in-depth disease characterization. This new data set has facilitated the transition from a pathomechanistic approach focused on symptoms and organ function to identifying intricate immunological pathways and biomarkers. Consequently, new disease endotypes have been identified for various allergic diseases, requiring the current disease taxonomy to be revised for better categorization.

The history of allergy and related terminology is traced back to the early 20th century. The need for updated classification systems and novel allergy concepts has arisen due to a deeper understanding of immune mechanisms and therapeutic options. This EAACI Position Paper offers an updated nomenclature for allergic diseases, considering the advances in knowledge and research in the field.


Chair: Marek Jutel

Secretary: Ioana Agache